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Norsen is equipped with complete production equipment, including German ARKU automatic leveling equipment, ARKU automatic deburring machine, German TRUMPF laser cutting machine, CNC bending machine, shearing machine, welding robot, argon arc welding machine, etc. A complete production system including machining, welding, heat treatment and assembly testing. Greatly improve the precision of the product in the production process.

Norsen hires experienced and skilled welding workers and using welding robot to do straight line welding in order to ensures the welding quality, meantime makes the weld connection on the machine more beautiful and perfect. Due to our factory is located in the environmental industry center of China, Yixing City, here there are lots of experienced workers who have already served in sewage treatment equipment manufacturing over 10 years. One of our welding workers’ working time is over 12 years in sewage equipment fabric. Quality always comes first.

On Multi-Disc Screw press manufacturing, Norsen adopts thermal spraying and surfacing process on screw shaft. Thermal spraying process we also choose the best supplier and it’s Japanese technical process. The spraying harness on the shaft is even and persistent. The harness of screw shaft after spraying compared with other normal stainless steel hardness which is 3 times.

Dissolved Air Flotation and Integrated Sewage Treatment tanks, these equipment have direct contact with wastewater. We choose ship-level anti-corrosion coating process to ensure the equipment has longer service life. Each equipment has two primers, three topcoats on carbon steel surface. Which is enough to meet different and complicated sewage types and afford badly sewage using environment.