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Multi-disc Screw Press Sludge Dewatering Machine can be provided with all equipment required for dewatering included and factory mounted, piped and wired on a single stainless steel skid. This equipment includes the sludge pump, wash water pump, polymer dosing system and control panel. The system features fully automated one pushbutton startup and shutdown. Once started up the system can run unattended and can be set to shutdown automatically with no operator intervention.

Dissolved Air Flotation and Integrated Sewage Treatment tanks, these equipment have direct contact with wastewater. We choose ship-level anti-corrosion coating process to ensure the equipment has longer service life. Each equipment has two primers, three topcoats on carbon steel surface. Which is enough to meet different and complicated sewage types and afford badly sewage using environment.

Good mechanical pre-treatment is important for protection of subsequent processes from clogging, tressing and abrasion. It is precondition for reliable operation, with little wear and maintenance of the entire plant.
Mechanical pre-treatment includes screens for removal of debris and other disturbing solids, screenings treatment and grit traps for removal of mineral solids (stones, grit and sand) as well as grease traps for removal of fat, oil and grease.

The Disc diffuser is your best choice for new diffusion aeration installations utilizing fine bubble membrane technology. Its innovative design is undoubtedly the most efficient and cost effective diffuser of its kind. A real advancement in membrane diffuser engineering. In addition, the Disc diffuser assembly has been designed for quick and easy retrofitting of existing diffused aeration installations to increase performance and decrease utility costs.