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Compact Sewage Treatment Introduction

Compact Sewage Treatment

The compact sewage treatment plant adopts the standard container as its main body , which is convenient for transportation. The treatment capacity of one unit is 50-200m3/day. We specially developed this system according to the characteristics of urban and rural domestic wastewater, the general industrial waste water and black smelly river course. The wastewater treatment technology AO + MBBR and AO + MBR are adopted to achieve high treatment efficiency and stable effluent quality. The effluent quality can meet high standard Discharge Standard of Pollutants for Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plant.

MBR Process
Compact Sewage Treatment MBR Process

AO+MBR process: MBR process is a new water treatment technology, which combines activated sludge method and membrane separation technology.MBR is the abbreviation of Membrane Bio-Reactor,which is a new efficient waste water treatment technology combining modern membrane separation technology and traditional biological treatment technology. The MBR process combines the membrane separation technology in the separation engineering with the traditional wastewater biological treatment technology, which not only saves the construction of the secondary sedimentation tank, but also greatly improves the solid-liquid separation efficiency.

MBR Advantages

■ It can efficiently separate the solid from the liquid, the effect will be much better than the traditional sedimentation tank. The discharge water quality is great,the suspended solids and turbidity are close to 0, which then it can be reused directly and achieve the purpose of wastewater recycling.

■ The high efficient membrane interception enables the microorganism to be completely trapped in the reactor, realizing the complete separation of HRT and SRT, and makes the operation control more flexible.

■ The microorganism mass concentration in the reactor is high and resistant to the impact load.

■ It is beneficial to the growth and reproduction of slow-multiplying nitrifying bacteria. The nitrification efficiency of the system could be improved. By changing the operation mode, the system could also achieve nitrogen and phosphorus removal.

MBBR Process
Compact Sewage Treatment MBBR Process

AO+MBBR process: The MBBR process is a new and efficient wastewater treatment method, which combines the advantages of both traditional fluidized bed and biological contact oxidation processes.

MBBR Advantages

■ The processing load is high, and the volume load is 2 to 4 times that of the conventional one.

■ The oxidation tank has a small volume, which reduces infrastructure investment.

■ In the MBBR process, sludge backflow is not required, no backwashing equipment is required, equipment investment is reduced, operation is simple, and the operating cost of sewage is reduced.

■ The MBBR process sludge yield is low, which reduces sludge disposal costs.

■ In the MBBR process, no filler bracket is needed, and the filling rate is directly added, and the filling rate is 10%-70%, which saves installation time and cost.

Compact Sewage Treatment Parameters
Compact Sewage Treatment Advantages