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Mechanical Band Screen Introduction

Mechanical Band Screen

Band Screen is ideal for concrete channel or pipeline installation to automatically remove solids from flow. It has shelves which continuously lifts solids to the top where they are discharged into a trough. This is achieved through a combination of wash water and the band rotating around its top sprocket.It is suitable for channels that have a maximum flow depth of 1m. Standard screen perforations are 2mm, 3mm and 6mm options.

Mechanical Band Screen Principle

The effluent flows through the perforated filter elements made of stainless steel, while the solid contaminants are retained. The solid matter is collected directly from the bottom of the channel by the filter element without the need for a step at the base. The filter elements form a continuous filter band that is cleaned by a brush at the top point of deflection.The cleaning process is complemented by a series of water jets working in proportion to the load of solids. Teeth located every 5 filter elements prevent the formation of material rolls in front of the filter band and ensure that most of it is removed.


■ Great resistance due to its robust construction - it does not need protection bars upstream.

■ The filter allows sand to pass through without damage.

■ Great cleaning efficiency due to the elements of drilled holes.

■ Discharge of larger solids due to the teeth of the filter parts.

■ Optimized cleaning of the filter elements.

■ Excellent cost / efficiency ratio and low maintenance cost.

■ Easily adaptable to changes in working conditions.

■ Fully closed and hygienic machine.

Mechanical Band Screen Parameters
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