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Internal-fed Screen Introduction

External-fed Screen

RDS rotating drum screen is a device that can continuously and effectively screen out suspended solids in water. Mainly used in sewage pretreatment or industrial screening process. In some sewage treatment, the filtered sewage can remove 30% to 60% of organic or inorganic suspended solids, greatly reducing the processing load of the subsequent processes. This equipment is widely used in the filtration of fine solids in the food, wine, pharmaceutical, and dairy industries.

External-fed Rotary Drum Screen Principle

The equipment is composed of rotating drum, driving mechanism, unloading mechanism, recoil pipeline, sealing assembly, inspection door assembly, tank body, slag hopper, etc.
Working process: Sewage (or other raw water) flows from the front of the drum, through the drum, into the drum, and flows out from the bottom. The suspended solids in the sewage stay on the rotating drum. With the rotation of the drum surface, the trapped dirt is sent from the water inlet end to the discharge end on the other side, and is shoveled down by the discharge mechanism.


■ Significantly reduce the processing load of the wastewater system;

■ Stable and reliable work, low maintenance cost;

■ The wedge-shaped drum surface is especially suitable for the passage of fluid and is not prone to blockage;

■ The whole machine is made of high-quality stainless steel, which will never corrode;

■ Capable of automatic continuous operation and automatic unloading of slag;

■ Adopting a drum-shaped design and a large filtering area, so when the same processing capacity is used, the structure is compact, the area is small, and the energy consumption is low;

■ Fully enclosed design to prevent possible secondary pollution.

External-fed Rotary Drum Screen Flows
External-fed Rotary Drum Parameters
External-fed Rotary Drum Screen Drawing
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