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Lamella Clarifier Introduction

Lamella Clarifier/ Inclined-plate settler

The Lamella Clarifier Settler water treatment plant is designed to remove particles from liquids. Its theory is put forward on the basis of Shallow tank, which tells the settling efficiency of sedimentation tank is only related to surface area. OnLamella Clarifier the settling area is the total area of the inclined plates projected on a horizontal surface.This reduces the footprint of lamella settlers by about 90% as compared to conventional clarifiers and the efficiency of the sedimentation process is multiple increased. Lamella Clarifier is a conical bottom clarifier tank, simple structure, no power consumption. For shipment, it can be disassembled as top and parts to fit into container.

Lamella Clarifier Principle

The Lamella Clarifier or inclined plate settler(LCS) is a type of settler designed to remove particulars from liquids. It's often used in primary water treatment in place of conventional settling tanks. They are used in industrial water treatment. Unlike conventional clarifiers Lamella Clarifier uses a series of inclined plates to provide a large effective settling are for a small footprint. The inlet stream is stilled upon entry into the clarifier. Solid particles begin to settle on the plates and begin to accumulate in collection hoppers at the bottom of the clarifier unit. The sludge is drawn off at the bottom of the hoppers and the clarified liquid exits the unit at the top over a weir.


■ Higher efficiency, smaller footprint: inclined plates extended to 1.5m,separation efficiency improved (higher 1.5 ~ 2.0 times) comparing with radial flow clarifier and vertical clarifier and save 80% of area.

■ Excellent hydraulic conditions: no hydraulic corner and vortex, better precipitation performance.

■ Inclined plates Chokeless : plates are of angle 60 degrees, spacing between 80 ~ 100 mm, back-washing device used.

■ Strong and durable: Inclined plates are breakless, collapseless.Adopt 6mm hard PVC board or 8 mm high quality PP board as special separation plate, module embedded installation, high strength, easy disassembling and maintenance.

■ Sludge discharge smoothly : no dead angle, sludge pump is recommended .

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