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Polymer Preparation Machine Introduction

Polymer Dosing Unit

The automatic polymer dosing device is widely used in auxiliary equipment of municipal water treatment and water sludge treatment; continuous and efficient completion of the polymer compounding and mixing to obtain homogeneous active polymer solution. the equipment uses three slots overflow combination: preparing, aging and dosing; through the solution’s specific gravity difference, caused by gravity and solubility, automatically separate the dissolved and undissolved; and then , by stirring of low-speed stirrer to improve the evenness of the solution.

Polymer Preparation Machine Principle

It applies a jet mixer, using high-speed water power to break up the polymer powder which will improve the fineness, increase the contact of water and polymer powder and reduce the time of dissolution. The equipment adopts the design of three tank overflow combination, that is, mixing, aging and storing. The proportion difference caused by the gravity and solubility will automatically separate the dissolved and undissolved solution. Homogeneous degree of the solution will be improved by stirring of the low-speed agitator afterwards.


■ Easy to operate, labor saving
Precast mixing tank, homogeneous slaking tank and solution storage tank are in one equipment, easy to learn and easy to operate, saving labor.

■ Polymer concentration is adjustable
Water and polymer can get into the tank at the same time, as the flowing rate of the feeding pump can be controlled, so any concentration (within a certain range) can be prepared according to the actual requirements.

■ Well designed machine frame
Precious conveying, delicate pre-soaking device and the constant temperature heating method can reduce agglomeration phenomenon caused by improper operation and prevent the line from clogging, so as to ensure the stable concentration.

■ Trustworthy operation
The unique structure and proper rotating speed of the mixer not only can ensure the homogenization solution, but also will not destroy the polymer molecular chain.

■ Better performance, better environment
First class spare parts to ensure excellent performance, low noise and low vibration.

Polymer Preparation Machine Parameters
Polymer Preparation Machine Drawing