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Internal-fed Screen Introduction

Internal-fed Screen

Excellent performance for large particle separation. The corrosion resistant stainless steel construction ensures exceptional wear resistance and makes it ideal for all applications. It is an internally fed screening device with the flow being fed and distributed inside a screening cylinder. The stainless steel cylinder designed with wedge wire mesh or perforated holes from 0,25 to 6 mm provide the best screening/solids capture performance in all screening applications.

Internal-fed Rotary Drum Screen Principle

The equipment adopts wedge-shaped grid or perforated filter as the filter element. Different screen forms are selected according to the actual working conditions of the sewage to meet the performance of fluid passing and not easy to block; the stainless steel material can be used for the screening and filtering of high-temperature and high-concentration liquids.


■ Most efficient screening technology,Capture everything

■ Adopting a drum-shaped design and a large filtering area, so when the same processing volume is used, the structure is compact, the area is small, and the energy consumption is low;

■ The backwash nozzle is used to clean the clogged dirt in the grid, and the start and stop action of backwash can be realized by automatic control or manual control;

■ It can run automatically and continuously, and can automatically discharge slag, with a high degree of automation;

■ Adopting a fully enclosed design to prevent secondary pollution during operation;

■ The overall structure is made of high-quality stainless steel, which has the characteristics of corrosion resistance;

Internal-fed Rotary Drum Screen Flows
Internal-fed Rotary Drum Parameters
Internal-fed Rotary Drum Screen Drawing
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