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Sludge Shaftless Conveyor Introduction

Sludge Shaftless Conveyor

The Norsen Shaftless Conveyoris a great addition to the Norsen dewatering equipment and is used for the disposal/conveyance of dewatered sludge from municipal wastewater treatment processes, residential sewage pretreatment plants, or livestock waste applications such as manure processing systems. Optional electrical control panel available.


■ Good sealed, large capacity, long conveying distance.

■ Good seal performance, good transportation efficiency.

■ Flexible technological arrangement, easy to be installed , dismantled and moved, safe operation.

■ Compact structure, small cross section, light weight.

■ Shaftless conveyor can mixing, heating and colling in the process of conveying.

Sludge Shaftless Conveyor Parameters
Sludge Shaftless Conveyor Drawing