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Static Screen Introduction

Static Screen

STATIC SCREEN is used for many solid/liquid separation. It provides an efficient separation especially in the treatment of storm water mixed with solids, hydrocarbons, coming from oil & gas plants. The screen is built with stainless steel wedge wire mesh from 0,25 mm to 1,5 mm to remove any solids above this mesh size.

Static Screen Principle

As a pretreatment equipment in industrial waste water with a mesh of between 0.5 and 1 mm, to eliminate the thick wate in the paper, textile, tanning, laundry, canning and milk industries and abattoirs etc.
The static screen offers an economic solution in the continuous solid-liquid separation process with almost no maintenance requirements and no energy input at all.


■ Eco-friendly solution
■ No moving parts, no motors
■ Low installation costs
■ No maintenance
■ Quiet operation

Static Screen Parameters
Static Screen Drawing

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