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Low Temperature Dryer Introduction

Low Temperature Dryer

Low temperature type sludge dryer is specially suitable for dewatered sludge coming from chamber filter press, drying sludge from initial moisture range 83%~40% to achieve 10~40%. The drying temperature is 60~75℃, which makes high drying efficiency. Forced air cooling makes it no need for additional mounting of cooling water and water consumption.


Closed cabinet structure makes less heat dissipation and less odor emission. Accurate humidity control technology avoids high energy consumption in later stage of drying. It is a combination of sludge hopper and dehumidification heat pump. Dehumidification heat pump heat up and dehumidify the air, while the sludge is placed into a hopper. The hot air is blow up from the bottom and recycle at the heat pump. The electricity power consumption is 0.4~0.5kw.h/kg.H2O.

Low Temperature Dryer Principle
Low Temperature Dryer Principle
Low Temperature Dryer Parameters