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Mechanical Rake Screen Introduction

Mechanical Rake Screen

Mechanical Rake Screen is a solid-liquid separation device which has been widely used in municipal wastewater treatment plant,pre-treatment device for domestic effluents, municipal rainwater & sewage pump station. It is regarded as the ideal solid-liquid separation equipment in water treatment field.

Mechanical Rake Screen Principle

The rotary screen is installed at the inlet of pump station or water treatment system. It is composed of pedestal, specific plough shaped tines,rake plate, elevator chain and motor reducer units etc. It is assembled into different spacing according to different flow rate.The rake plate ,which is fixed in the elevator chain,starts clockwise movement under the drive of the driving device, hooking residue from down to up together with the elevator chain. Under the effect of steering guide and guiding wheel, residue gets discharged by gravity while the rake plate reached the top of screen. The rake tines moved to the bottom of the equipment and starts to work for another round,residue moves continuously.


■ The driving device is under the drive of cycloidal pin gear speed reducer or helical gear reducer, with low noise, neat structure & stable operation.

■ Integrated framework, with good rigidity and convenient installation and maintenance.

■ Two specifications for rake tooth, pitch t=150mm for coarse screens, pitch t=100mm for fine screens.

■ Easy to operate. It can be direct or remote controlled.

■ Mechanical shearing bolt & over-current protection are set to ensure safe running.

■ While the width of equipment over 1500mm, parallel machines are adopted to ensure the integrated strength of equipment.

Mechanical Rake Screen Parameters
  • Fine Screen of wastewater in channel

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  • Ideal protection for membrane tanks

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  • Pretreatment Screen for varies industries

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