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Modern innovative wastewater treatment solutions

Poster:Norsen │ Time:2021-08-21 

Modern and innovative wastewater treatment solutions that have emerged can have a significant impact on the efficiency of existing wastewater treatment processes. We need clean water to survive and prosper. Water helps us maintain our survival and enjoy a sustainable lifestyle. However, we are all very aware of the issues related to water shortages, and therefore, we are increasingly concerned about the impact of continued negligence in investing in wastewater treatment infrastructure. The good news is that innovation has caught up, and new wastewater treatment solutions that have emerged can have a major impact on the efficiency of existing processes.

Defects of traditional wastewater treatment
Ancient civilizations have recognized the importance of wastewater treatment. For example, wastewater from family settlements and farms is used as fertilizer to successfully increase crop yields. In the mid-nineteenth century, the combined effects of industrialization, population growth, and dense urbanization caused the water in settlements, towns, and cities to become dirty and smelly. After drawing the conclusion that these waters can cause disease, the "invisible" pipeline wastewater process began. However, this does not include any source of treatment, and the result is that the entire infrastructure of the industry is based on a seriously flawed water treatment method. As cities develop and land in neighboring areas becomes more valuable, transporting wastewater to more and more distant places becomes a problem.

Modern innovative wastewater treatment solutions

Investing in wastewater treatment infrastructure
In many of these cities, aging infrastructure with low processing capacity and energy-intensive wastewater treatment processes simply cannot meet the needs of the growing population. These are often located in areas where additional development is problematic, reducing the options for in-situ upgrades. The intensification of most industrial processes that require more water and naturally produce waste water also causes this problem. Regardless of your perspective, our wastewater treatment methods require new wastewater treatment solutions.

Modern innovative wastewater treatment solutions
From an infrastructure perspective, modern innovative wastewater treatment solutions need to be more energy-efficient, more cost-effective, have a smaller footprint, and be easy to deploy in municipal and industrial wastewater treatment plants. The good news is that the latest solutions such as membrane aerated biofilm reactor modules meet these very requirements. In terms of the range of technologies that can be deployed, new wastewater treatment solutions can provide more functions, but the mainstream technology that is mainly used all over the world is the conventional activated sludge system. However, this method attempts to transport oxygen into the wastewater, wasting as much as 70% of energy. This traditional wastewater treatment consumes 2-3% of a country's total power generation annually and is not sustainable at all. The size of the traditional activated sludge system is also fixed, and a considerable area is required to expand the scale or build new green space applications, thereby reducing the attractiveness of this method.
In short, for all of us, our children, businesses, health and our planet, everyone who uses water and produces wastewater should consider and investing in wastewater treatment infrastructure to minimize their impact on the global water cycle. There is a lot of room for improvement in new wastewater treatment solutions, and it is urgent to act quickly, because the current methods are not sustainable at all, and the consequences of water shortages will be far-reaching. We need to do everything we can to avoid such a possibility. At kintep, our modern innovative wastewater treatment solutions and services continue to challenge the inefficiencies of the past years. By doing so, we enable our customers to build and operate energy-efficient biological wastewater treatment plants and bring them closer to the goal of energy-neutral wastewater treatment.

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