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Mobile Oily Sludge Dewatering in Singapore

Poster:Norsen │ Time:2020-06-18 

Mobil Chemical is one of the largest chemical companies in the world. The company holds leadership positions in some of the largest-volume and highest-growth commodity chemical products and refinery service. At many sites, ExxonMobil Chemical operations are integrated with refining operations within a single complex. Moreover trucks transporting the sludge away from the plant had even problem with polluting the roads with overflowing water remained in the sludge. After Cleaning the oil tank. And oily sludge is also easily make the filter press they ever used clogged.

Our Solutions
Our mobie dewatering system equipped with explosive-proof grade pumps, ES303 machine, dosing devices, etc. as a compact dewatering machine on a plug & play container make dewatering service from plant to plant much easier than before. Moreover, the system has small footprint and automatic running, low running cost. It can easily handle oily sludge from refinery tank cleaning job. Clients are very happy about this solution.

Dewatering Principle

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